Mama Quila




My ongoing work, entitled “Mama Quila; Icons of the feminine”; is a collection of icons, votives which embody my alchemical research into the lost mythos and symbolic representations of the divine feminine.Mama Quila focuses on the reclaiming of the primal female within our collective psyche, through ancestral lines, transcendent of time and space; my intention is to help resurface the lost sacred feminine, as a remedy to toxic modern mythologies. 


I want to manifest visually and tangibly the sacredness of the female, the primal goddess, the eternal mother. To invoke the innate wisdom and spirituality which we have lost, through centuries of repression. Mama Quila / Killa is the name of a Peruvian Moon goddess and protector of women.


I essentially strive to create a shrine for the lost Sacred Feminine within the human psyche. I work with a personal system of symbols, evolved and translated through my explorations of realities; meditations on the North African desert, geomancy, the Moon, mythologies, iconography and the sacred serpent to resurface, invoke and empower the feminine into this realm. 


My practice encompasses a broad, print based approach; I paint, draw, collage and work with etching and screen print to create complex surfaces. The central elements of my work are formed from hand processes and raw organic matter: wood and natural hides, jewels, bones, interwoven fabrics, delicately printed surfaces and tattooed leather, highlighted with symbolic elements. I work with rose and jasmine oils, Mexican indigo and gold and copper leaf, inviting the primal goddess, the woman who has never lost touch with the feral, the wild, the Earth. 


I exhibited “Mama Quila: Icons of the feminine” twice in 2017 and twice in 2018,  in Ibiza, Spain (Atzaro, Ethereal and IT) and Sheffield (DINA as part of the Migration Matters festival. I explore visually and also through sound and frequency, the significance of DNA and the role of the artist as shaman. 


Through this allegory, I create growing and shifting female figures, visually reminiscent of ancient birds, snakes. These creatures grow ethereally, the transformation mirrors the evolutionary process, rising amphibiously from the seas, formed in lava, my intention is to shape the primordial mother goddess. References are made to death and rebirth, growth, menstrual cycles and the processes which occur internally and are governed externally. 


I believe the Temple of Mama Quila to hold power; an energy which engages audiences on a variety of levels. I strive to create a fully multi-sensory experience; a visual exploration through paintings, prints, photographic work, film, projections and sound to resonate with the vibration of creation; I want to immerse the viewer totally within the sacred realm of the Woman, in all of her manifestations.